Testing: Happy, Sad and Bad Paths

Testing Mermaid

Flow Diagram

graph LR; A[sheets ream-1
500] -->|-1| B[thickness
] C[thickness ream-1
5cm] --> B B --> D[volume
1cm3] E[height
6cm] --> D F[width
15cm] --> D
graph BT; A[Volume of Gold in Ring] -->|-1| B[Cost/Volume of Gold] I[Cost of Gold in Ring] --> B

Sequence Diagram

sequenceDiagram participant Alice participant Bob Alice->>John: Hello John, how are you? loop Healthcheck John->>John: Fight against hypochondria end Note right of John: Rational thoughts
prevail! John-->>Alice: Great! John->>Bob: How about you? Bob-->>John: Jolly good!

Sequence Diagram

gantt dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD title Adding GANTT diagram to mermaid excludes weekdays 2014-01-10 section A section Completed task :done, des1, 2014-01-06,2014-01-08 Active task :active, des2, 2014-01-09, 3d Future task : des3, after des2, 5d Future task2 : des4, after des3, 5d